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Tsitsikamma Adventures and Accommodation

Tsitsikamma is a world-renown destination that inspires visitors to become one with nature and is synonymous with the best adventure activities in the country. In fact, the nearby village of Storms River is known as the adventure capital of South Africa!

With striking mountains and forests to one side and the outstretched Indian Ocean on the other, Tsitsikamma effortlessly showcases the exquisite outdoor elements of the Garden Route.

The breathtakingly beautiful Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area is considered the garden of the Garden Route, boasting an incredible 80km stretch of coastline that is home to the ancient and indigenous Tsitsikamma forest. This exceptional Tsitsikamma forest is covered in unique fynbos and trees that include the Outeniqua Yellow-wood, a myriad of flowers, prolific birdlife and wildlife, enthralling adventure activities as well as a variety of Top Hiking Trails in the Garden Route, the best known being The Otter Trail. Tsitsikamma is part of Garden Route National Parks.

The Best Hiking Trails

There are various walking and self-guided hiking trails in the Tsitsikamma National Park and Storms River Village. These routes allow visitors to appreciate the vast and diverse floral kingdom and exceptional beauty of the Tsitsikamma forest. People from all over the world come to experience these hikes, to name but a few: The Otter Trail and Dolphin Trail. Others include…

Waterfall Trail – Located at Storms River Mouth, this famous trail is 3kms in length and leads to a magical waterfall that is perfect for cooling off or at which to enjoy a picnic. The waterfall plunges into a deep pool that flows into the ocean, making for incredible photographs and a most memorable experience. The Waterfall Trail of the Tsitsikamma National Park also makes up the first 3kms of the famous Otter Trail that spans over the length of 45 kms. This shorter Waterfall Trail is demanding and includes some climbing and forest walking, so hikers should come prepared.

The Mouth Trail – Considered one of the most popular hiking trails of the Tsitsikamma National Park, the Mouth Trail is an adventure filled trail that winds through abundant indigenous forest, displays breathtaking coastal scenery and leads visitors into the mouth of Storms River. While embarking on the Mouth Trail, hikers will also cross the Storms River Mouth suspension bridge and can admire the Storms River Mouth Cave, which is a Khoisan Heritage site. This is a short trail of about 40 minutes, not difficult but does comprise of many steep (and sometimes slippery) stairs to climb.

The Big Tree and Ratel Trail – This family-friendly trail follows stunning forest pathways and is easy to navigate; hikers can choose from three routes that are all under 5 kms in distance. The highlight of the circular Ratel Trail is the Big Tree, a huge 800 year old Yellow-wood tree that stands at an incredible height of 36.6m. A raised viewpoint allows hikers to take in an elevated view of the beautiful natural surroundings and a large variety of bird, reptile and plant life keeps everyone in awe.


Tsitsikamma Blackwater Tubing

As one of the Garden Route’s very first commercial adventure activities, blackwater tubing put  Tsitsikamma on the map as an adrenaline adventure destination of choice, not only in the Garden Route but also in South Africa. Even in its formative years, it was clear that Tsitsikamma was perfectly positioned to appease the craving for excitement and adventure that now drives so many travellers to this exceptional coastal hotspot.

Blackwater tubing in the Garden Route’s alluring Storms River has become an absolute must for adventure seekers. There are two routes for visitors to choose from:

The Red Route Tubing Canyon Adventure – An exciting and fun activity that is more physically exerting than the Green Route experience, Red Route Tubing leads adventurers downstream along the Storms River Gorge and past the Storms River Mouth Suspension Bridges. 4 to 5 hours on the river allows for flat water paddling, bouldering and moments of relaxation. This tubing adventure is led by an experienced guide. Highlights include Goesa Forest and the Witteklip and Storms River confluence Bat Cave. Optional cliff and tube jumps add to the excursion, followed by a warm shower and delicious lunch.

The Green Route Tubing SUP Combo – A 3 hour excursion of blissful adventure and remarkable displays of Tsitsikamma’s natural elements, this combo adventure is suited to anyone over the age of 5 years. Thrilling down route stream tubing and stand up paddling (SUP) adventures present the ideal opportunity to try something new, optional cliff jumps tempt those feeling brave on the day. Surrounding views of the indigenous Tsitsikamma forest steal the show and create an incredible backdrop for this exceptional adventure activity in the Garden Route. Refreshments and park fees are included.


Be sure not to miss out on these additional, awesome Tsitsikamma Adventure Activities on offer:



Although some of the Adventure Activities in the Garden Route are weather dependent, this beautiful destination of South Africa promises unforgettable vacation experiences with family, friends or your significant other during any time of the year.

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