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Kaaimans Accommodation

Kaaimans Beach and Kaaimans River Accommodation

“Kaaimans Beach is a massive and secluded sandbar at the mouth of the Kaaimans River. You have your own private beach for all intents and purposes!”

Welcome to Kaaimans, a dark cola-colored river flowing from the Waterfall set deep in its Gorge opening into the Indian Ocean at the Kaaimans Mouth, near Wilderness.

A scenic road winds through the valley over the Kaaimans River Bridge with beautiful growth on either side. Picnic spots are provided and canoeing up to the river mouth is most commendable.

Kaaimans offers a breathtaking pass between George and the WildernessKaaimans River has a tidal estuary at its mouth that is crossed by the famous Kaaimans Bridge. This bridge was built for the Outeniqua Choo Tjoe (the last passenger steam train in Africa) that unfortunately had to end operation in June 2009 after floods destroyed the railway line. It was a famous spot for photographers as the steam train crossed the bridge.

Whales are often seen during Winter months, sometimes even finding shelter in the bay to calve their young.

Formerly an obstacle for travellers whose wagons had to wait sometimes for weeks before being able to cross the river safely when it ran full of water. It was also nicknamed “Keeromrivier” (Turnabout River) because, faced with the raging waters, some travellers had to turn and try to find another way to reach their destination. This obstacle was finally overcome when the Seven Passes Road was built.

Kaaimans offers a breathtaking pass between George and Wilderness, with views of the latter and the Indian Ocean. There are two lovely lookout points on either side of the road, depending on which way you are travelling.

Situated on the banks of the Kaaimans River are beautiful self-catering holiday cottages. Steeped in local history, the cottages are a perfect get away from it all. Each cottage is charming with its own unique style.

The Kaaimans Waterfall is one of the great attractions of the Kaaimans River. Accessible by rowing boat or a brief swim.

Kaaimans is a popular eco-tourism attraction. Some of the adventure activities on offer include:

  • Activities while staying at Kaaimans on the Garden RouteAbseiling – The serene Kaaimans Gorge holds one of the most beautiful abseil sights you will find. You have a chance to do two 45m abseils right next to a magnificent waterfall. What also makes it even more special is that you land in a canoe at the bottom!
  • Kaaimans Kloofing – fantastic kloof for beginners, yet with many jumping possibilities for the brave. The deep pools with towering cliffs offer spectacular scenery and an amazing introduction to kloofing.
  • Hiking – Up river and in the Gorge
  • Canoeing – Pack a picnic and some swimming gear and head to the Kaaimans Waterfall!
  • Lazing around on the idyllic secluded beach at the river mouth


  • Kaaimans Gat is the local and intimate river-side restaurant offering traditional ‘Boere Kos’ (farmer meals), live entertainment with outdoor dance floor and children’s playground. It’s a must visit!
  • A day visit or even night over at Kaaimans Cave / Grotto. Occupied by a most delightful and entertaining gentleman who calls it his home, also offers rustic yet cozy & comfortable accommodation to any traveller. This is a must see, even if just stopping by to enjoy a cup of tea on the deck overlooking the Kaaimans whilst he tells you his life/the cave story. A fascinating experience!  NOTE: Do take safety precautions as the only means of getting there is via the railway line.

Getting There (approximate figures)

On the N2 between George and Wilderness, it’s an easy 20 minutes to George and 5 minutes to Wilderness.


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