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Garden Route Segway Tours

Segway Tours – The Perfect Family Adventure!

The Garden Route currently offers two wonderful sites where one can ride a Segway, otherwise known as an ‘Off-road-Self-Balancing-Two-Wheeled-Personal Transporter’.

Invented by ‎Dean Kamen, this is a super cool and eco-friendly way of exploring two popular holiday destinations within the Garden Route, namely Tsitsikamma and Wilderness. With a travel speed of up to 20 kilometres per hour, you’re forced to slow down and marvel at the wonders of nature, exploring well-known indigenous forests with stunning views all around.

It’s a must for any nature and adventure enthusiast, great fun for the whole family as well. The only requirements for a Segway experience is that you should be at least 1.1m in height, min. weight of 45kg and max. weight of 117kg.

On a single charge, a Segway can travel up to 38 kilometres!

The Segway is an easy ride whilst experiencing the sheer beauty of the natural surroundings.

To get a glimpse of what to expect, we recommend you watch this enticing video:

Wilderness Segway Tours operates within the Ebb and Flow National Park which forms part of the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park.

Included in the 1 hour tour is a 15 – 20 minute introduction on a training course whereafter you embark on a guided tour along the famous Kingfisher Trail.

A small entrance fee is applicable to enter this park so make the most of your outing: pack a picnic basket and enjoy lunch on the riverbanks afterwards, with some swimming in the river to cool off.

Tsitsikamma Segway Tours takes you on a scenic journey through the lovely Stormsriver Village, following a chosen, designated route among the pine forest and ancient, indigenous Tsistikamma Forest. If time allows for it, we suggest selecting the tour which visits the majestic 1000 year old Tsitsikamma Big Tree!

No doubt, you’ll work up an appetite. Our recommendation: the local Marilyn’s 60’s Diner in the heart of the village.

In our previous blog, we explored the beauty of these National Parks. Re-cap here:

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