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NOVA Hot Air Ballooning in the Garden Route

If you are looking to experience the Garden Route from new heights, NOVA Balloons hot air balloon trips can make your dreams a reality. Read on to find out how…

NOVA Balloons hot air balloon tripsHot air balloon trips in the Garden Route

Drift amongst the clouds with NOVA Balloons

Taking to the skies is something most dreams are made of. The unbridled sense of freedom, the wind in your face and the rise in your gut – these senses can’t be replicated. There is a multitude of ways in which you can experience the thrill of grazing the sky, such as scenic microlight flights, skydiving, helicopter trips and travelling by plane. However, when it comes to taking in the sights and enjoying the slower pace without sacrificing enjoyment? Look no further than NOVA Balloons, the first of its kind on the gorgeous Garden Route.

Taking to the skies in a hot air balloon

Located at a variety of launch sites in Mossel Bay along the Garden Route, the NOVA team makes you feel warm and welcome upon arrival. While the crew sets up the flight to ensure the best possible experience, you are provided with a hot beverage and traditional homemade rusks to give your stomach a lining before breakfast. Seeing as the trip takes place in the early hours of the morning, a stunning green backdrop is further accentuated by a magnificent sunrise.

A variety of launch sites in Mossel Bay

While many people fear that hot-air ballooning is a dangerous form of aviation, this is simply not the case. The company follows strict regulations and is licensed by the civil aviation authority – with each pilot being fully qualified to ensure your safety. As an activity taking place high above the ground, the conditions and atmosphere is nothing short of calm, serene and breathtaking above nature. Not only will your time spent in the air feel great, but the scenic views provide the perfect opportunity to snap those once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Alternatively, capturing a video of your trip is one way to impress your friends!

The whole trip is topped off with a pleasant treat. Upon landing, you are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine to be cherished alongside your pilot – further immersing you and making you feel welcome even after the ride ends. Once ready, you will be safely transported to a different location – where you will enjoy a hearty breakfast with the pilot and the rest of the crew. Taking off on this Hot Air Balloon experience will no doubt have you in awe, from the scenery to the indulgence – you are bound to make a fond memory on the Garden Route.

If you, unfortunately, cannot make your trip but plan on gifting someone the perfect experience, our vouchers are incredible gifts to any adventurer or nature fanatic. In all honesty – this activity is just plain fun and anybody taking part will undoubtedly have the time of their life.

NOVA Balloons takes Hot-Air balloon trips to new heights. When embarking upon one of our scenic trips, it is vital to pay close consideration to some of our many rules and regulations. It is important to dress warmly as well as bring along a hat to protect you from the warm burners. Comfortable long trousers are highly recommended along with any closed sneaker or trainer. Try and refrain from bringing your designer sneakers, flip flops or high heels along for the trip! The minimum age limit is 7 years with a height of 1,4m and of course, children under the age of 16 will require adult supervision.

Before the trip, you will need to provide an accurate measurement of your body weight. This is done to ensure the balloon will perform safely once in the air. Weight restrictions may be put in place if it goes beyond the safety measures.

Whether you fancy spending some time with your family or aim to treat the special person in your life to an unforgettable experience, look no further than NOVA Balloons and their incredible service! NOVA Balloons give you views of the Garden Route that simply cannot be matched – with tip-top service and friendliness to compliment it.

NOVA BalloonsBlue Hot Air BalloonLooking up into the hot air balloon

The Garden Route is known to be one of South Africa’s most iconic road trips, from beautiful lagoons, beaches, and forests to incredible mountain ranges. One of the most amazing ways to experience nature is by the sky – spoil your or loved ones with one of these spectacular adventures.

Hello Garden Route aims to highlight the beauty and magic the garden route can provide to potential vacationers. Our assortment of accommodation options is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this little piece of heaven. Contact us today to find out how we can make your Garden route trip one to be remembered!

Nova Hot Air Balloon Safaris

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