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Acrobranch Garden Route

Acrobranch Garden Route: A Treetop Adventure between Sedgefield and Wilderness

In many ways, Acrobranch is an adventure equal to Tarzan’s tree swinging or Indiana Jones on a forest expedition, daring enough to be considered a top Garden Route Adventure Activity, while also being safe enough for almost anyone to enjoy. While delighting in the varied and captivating beauty of the Garden Route during your vacation stay, you’ll be presented with the ideal setting for an unparallel Acrobranch experience!

Acrobranch in an exciting treetop aerial obstacle experience that consists of various engaging challenges to overcome in triumph. While embarking on an Acrobranch adventure, your determination, fitness, agility and strength will be put to the test and you could find yourself surprised by the extent of your physical and mental capabilities as well as limits. This activity is very safe as each person is fitted with a harness that is locked onto a zipline throughout their time in the trees. A friendly and knowledgeable instructor will provide adequate training beforehand, while also remaining close by throughout your Acrobranch adventure. Make sure to dress comfortably in clothes and shoes that allow you to stretch, climb and zipline.

The perfect activity for individuals, couples or groups and even accommodating kids aged between 4 and 8 years old with a fun Acrotwigs course, Acrobranch is the adrenaline rush your holiday needs! There are three courses for adults to choose from, ranging in difficulty with different starting ages, height restrictions and costs. If this is your first time and the nerves are setting in, consider starting with the easiest of the three courses, Monkey Moves, which allows you to get comfortable and test your agility and skills, before trying one of the courses:

Acrotwigs (Yellow Course) 4 – 8 years | +/- 40 minutes to complete
Letting kids be kids in the way that truly matter! The Acrotwigs mini course allows children to enhance important developmental skills like planning, perception of movement, core strength, stability and flexibility, all while enjoying the fresh air and break away from technology. Consisting of fun challenges connecting various platforms not exceeding 2 metres high, as well as the highly anticipated 30 m zipline, this adventure leaves children exhilarated. Parents are welcome to be a part of the adventure too, although the course is supervised by attentive guides.

Monkey Moves (Green Course) 9 years +/1.4 m height | +/- 40 minutes to complete
This beginner’s course is ideal for older kids or adults and takes place on the ridge line that overlooks Timberlake Village, comprising of 11 obstacles. One of the highlights of this course is the 35m zipline experience, which is not too intimidating and showcases wonderful views, while the highest platform is 8m. Have fun figuring out aerial obstacles with friends or take on this activity by yourself, with the guidance of a trained Acrobranch professional.

Swinging Tarzan (Blue Course) 9 years +/1.4 m height | 1 hour 15 minutes to complete
This course is best suited to those seeking a combination of adrenaline boosting and fun filled challenges, presenting 29 unique obstacles above ground. Slightly lengthier than the Monkey Moves course, you can expect to navigate your way through various platforms, showing off your balance and strength along the way and also testing your body and mind. The Tarzan swing will get your heart racing, while the highest platform is again 8m high. An exciting 75 metre zipline through natural splendour also adds to the excitement.

High Flying (Red Course) 12 years + | 2 hours 30 minutes to complete
This is the most advanced and challenging Acrobranch course available, while also proving to be very rewarding. A total of 48 obstacles await those participating, challenging on various levels and filled with moments of awe, inspiration, adrenaline and excitement. This flagship course leads to the top ridge and a stunning viewing platform, displaying Bo-langvlei and Rondevlei. You will trapeze through the trees and adventure on a whole new level. The highest platform is 10 metres and an amazing 102m zipline will have you whizzing through skies and tree openings.

Nature lovers can admire the sunlit treetop beauty and fresh air of their surroundings as they embark on a unique Acrobranch experience from The Timberlake Organic Village, where the magic of the Garden Route National Park presents a breathtaking backdrop. Located a short drive from KnysnaPlettenberg Bay and George, ideally situated between Sedgefield and Wilderness, tourists on vacation can easily fit this amazing attraction in their holiday itinerary. After your Acrobranch adventures, a selection of Timberlake Farm Village eateries can be enjoyed.

The Garden Route is considered an all year around holiday destination with endless lure, distinctive beauty, outstanding attractions and activities, one of which is the Acrobranch Tree Top Adventures. While spending your time in this outstanding destination, explore Golf in the Garden Route and wonderful Garden Route Safaris and Tours or experience unforgettable sky adventures with The Flying Club.

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