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Rock The Route Wine Tour

It’s a sunny day in the Garden Route – you and your friends are fresh on holiday, looking for some fun and laughter mixed in with some exploring and scenery scoping. You see a van approach, big enough for all 8 of you. The head-bobbing music filters through the open windows; the driver looks at you and smiles warmly. Big, bold, magnetic letters on the side pull you closer: “Friends, today, we are going to Rock The Route!”

There are a number of packages available for the laid-back traveler. Today you find yourself on ‘More Than A Wine Tour’. Laughter and good vibes will take you all the way from Wilderness to your first stop at Bramon Wine Estate in The Crags near Plettenberg Bay. After a full tour of the cellar and their wine making process, you meander up to the vineyards at the foot of the Tsitsikamma Mountain range for wine tasting. Learning about the interesting process of champagne, enjoying the fresh bread with homemade spreads combined with the stylish comfort of the vineyards around you, you thank yourself for coming on this fun-filled adventure.

Your next stop is Redford Lane Wines where you have an equally beautiful scenery. With horses all around, stimulating conversation from Heinie (your tour guide) and hosts alike, you continue to sip wine in the fresh air wondering why you aren’t rocking the route every day of your life…

After tasting an array of fantastic wines, there is a smile stuck on your face. Heinie assures you that it only gets better. When you arrive at Packwood Wine Estate and Diary, you understand exactly what he means. Enjoy a 180 degree view of Tsitsikamma, lush gardens all around and an excellent array of wine and champagne inside of you. Just when you think that it doesn’t get better, Packwood brings out their homemade farmhouse platter of cheese and bread with a side salad. With your tummy loving every moment, you turn around to see Heinie setting up his equipment for one of the most picturesque solo gigs of your holiday. With every strum and every note that flows from his mouth, you fall deeper into your happiness and appreciation of the beauty of the Garden Route.

With all your senses thoroughly stimulated, the road back seems brighter, more beautiful and chirpier than before. Thanks can either be given to the amount of wine that you consumed or to the wonderful experience provided to you by Rock The Route, but one thing is for certain: THAT was definitely more than just a wine tour!

Contact us now to book your Garden Route Wine Tour! Prices from R 750 to R 950 per person, all inclusive.

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