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Knysna Oyster Festival 2018

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With the countdown to the annual Pick ‘n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival finally underway, visitors can look forward to three things from the get go – great people, interactive sports and above all, some of the world’s most exceptional “fresh out of the sea” oysters.

It is no wonder that the Garden Route is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, come and see for yourself – appease your taste for shellfish by the sea, bring the whole family along and get in touch with Hello Garden Route – Your Friendly Experts in Garden Route Getaways to choose & book from a stunning range of holiday accommodation options in Knysna.

Taking place from Friday 29th June to Sunday 8th July, the 36th annual Knysna Oyster Festival is just around the corner. Gourmands with a fondness for fresh seafood, athletes in search of adventure and families enjoying their vacation all come together for a truly amazing time. Besides an abundance of delicious oysters, those attending can also expect great live entertainment and music, sensational food pairings and even programmes for children. The Knysna Oyster Festival has been taking place every year since 1983, often referred to as The best 10 days of your winter in the Garden Route, with something for everyone to enjoy along this exquisite region.

The beautiful Garden Route town of Knysna is known as one of the best places in South Africa to indulge in fresh and delicious oysters. Knysna began cultivating oysters in the late 1940’s and since then this treat has become synonymous with the area, allowing tourists to enjoy oyster tours and oyster tastings during their visit whilst some even have opportunity to meet commercial growers and collectors of cultivated or wild oysters.

Visitors travel from all corners of the world to indulge for this refreshing cuisine which is considered a delicacy. Knysna oysters are often enjoyed over a glass of Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc wine (or champagne for the finest of occasions) as sweeping vistas of the vast lagoon set a dreamy backdrop. Some oysters that are indigenous to the Garden Route include the pearl oyster, red oyster and common rock oyster.

Visitors can expect this year’s festivities to be as spectacular as ever. The first event of the amazing Knysna Oyster Festival will be the Knysna Cycle Tour, where cyclers of all ages can enjoy unsurpassed scenic routes and choose from a variety of options suited to children, families and experienced cyclers. On the 7 July, the Knysna Forest Marathon will again attract sport enthusiasts to the festival. One thing is certain, with a variety of oysters, wine and adventures, each day of the festival will be filled with excitement!

It is interesting to note that, although many imagine oysters to be a traditionally summer delicacy, this shellfish is actually sweeter in the winter and autumn months of the year, tasting their best around the time of the highly anticipated Knysna Oyster Festival. Many of the “wild oysters” available in Knysna have been hand-picked by local oyster pickers, a difficult job that yields the most satisfying results when done with love and care. Cultivated oysters are more common and wild oysters are said to be tastier by some – sample both varieties at the Knysna Oyster Festival this year and decide for yourself which oysters you prefer!

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