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Tsitsikamma Waterfall Zipline Tour

Experience the thrill of ziplining across the Kruis River of the Tsitsikamma Falls in South Africa. Book your unforgettable ziplining experience with Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures today!

Tsitsikamma Waterfall Zipline Tour

An exhilarating and safe sport, ziplining sends you soaring through the air on a cable. This adventure activity is the ideal fusion of thrill and sightseeing, in the heart of nature’s paradise.

There are many zipline courses offered throughout South Africa with something on offer for beginners, intermediates as well as advanced enthusiasts.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park, located 8 kilometers from the Storms River Bridge on the N2, provides breathtaking zipline adventure slides across the Kruis River. Eight slides, the biggest of which is 211 meters long, zig-zag along cables set across the river gorge, with distances rising up to 50 meters above the water level. Each section offers unique surprises, adventures, wonders, and breathtaking vistas of the local Tsitsikamma fauna, flora, bird and wildlife.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park

Participants have control over the speed of their decent, giving them the option to pause mid-way to admire the stunning views of the waterfalls scattered enroute. As the participants travel into the gorge and past the various waterfalls, their professional guides offer knowledgable commentary about the surroundings.

The Tsitsikamma Waterfall Zipline Tour is unique as it allows you the opportunity to safely zipline across three breathtaking waterfalls. With the wind in your face and the whistle of the pulley on the cable, this eco-adventure is sure to give you a burst of adrenaline. Along the Zipline Tour, one can hear the waterfalls gushing in the nearby distance.

Tsitsikamma Waterfall Zipline Tour is uniqueSafely zipline across three breathtaking waterfalls

The Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure trips don’t have a maximum group size and depart every 30 minutes. Tours will only be canceled if the weather doesn’t permit i.e. lightning/thunder – deemed unsafe. They do operate in most weather circumstances, even when it’s raining!

Visitors who prefer not to do the zipline activity are welcome to take a stroll along the walkways to take in the breathtaking beauty of the waterfalls and environment whilst family/friends participate.

Ziplining is a fun-filled activity that everyone should try out, whether you have been wanting to experience a high-flying adventure your entire life or have decided to make some last-minute plans to have an amazingly enjoyable weekend.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures are open every day of the year, with the first tour departing at 9h00 and the last group departing at 15h30 in the off-peak season. In the height of the season, the first groups depart at 8h00 and the final groups depart at 16h00. Kitting up and indemnification form signing take around 30 minutes.

Come experience why the birds sing whilst they soar!

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures are open every day of the year

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