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Highest Abseil In The Garden Route

There’s a few ways to discover your true sense of vertigo or any possible fear of heights. One way is to be glancing over your shoulder as you descend down a 70 meter cliff while you are secured with only a rope and the word of Roche Schoeman, Fearless Adventures’ Director that “He’s got you!”

One foot at a time, you inch your way down the rocks that make up the gorge of the serene Kaaiman’s River. With the waterfall flowing steadily alongside you, you become aware of just how unified you are with nature at that very point. It’s almost difficult to imagine that just an hour earlier you were peacefully kayaking the very same river that now looks so minuscule compared to the vast surroundings of Garden Route’s highest abseiling point.


Reminding yourself that you will be receiving a craft beer and picnic lunch when you get to the bottom, you keep yourself going. Your friends are all routing for you, their “whoops” and cheers echoing off the canyon around you. Half way down, you start to really appreciate the beauty around you. The birds are chirping happily, the sun is shining, and there you are – free as a bird, suspended and safe in the middle of nowhere.

You reach the bottom & look up at what you’ve just achieved, feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride at the 90 degree cliff that you so casually descended from. As you make your way back to the launch space with appreciation of the Garden Route alive in your soul, you give yourself a pat on the back – feeling rather…. Fearless!

Contact us to book your Garden Route Abseil Adventure: Prices are from R550 – R790 per person.


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